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Vice President Global Software

Houston, TX
Vice President Global Software
The Vice President is responsible for the overall success of the Global Software business. The principal duties and responsibilities of the position include strategy development, business planning and budgeting, team building and promoting continuous improvement of the overall performance of the business. This position has ultimate responsibility for the business’s P&L, growth of the business and ensuring superior standards of quality and consistency of delivered products and services.
Job Duties
  1. Directs the development of short and long range business plans and related annual operating and capital budgets.
  2. Develops and communicates a strategic business plan that addresses markets, clients, products/services, growth and profitability.
  3. Prepares and implements a business plan and budget that supports the approved strategy and short terms goals.
  4. Ensures the business is organized, staffed and operating to carry out approved business plans and client commitments.
  5. Develops, communicates and tracks metrics that address business performance against the Business Plan. These metrics should address financial measures, customer service delivery measures, internal business process measures and business gains and losses. 
  6. Ensures that the business is organized, staffed and operating to carry out approved business plans. Makes changes to organization, staffing and budgets as conditions warrant.
  7. Provides guidance in the direction for marketing activity and stays actively informed concerning business and management developments affecting present and potential customers. Directs subordinates to take action to capitalize on marketing opportunities as they are presented.
  8. Monitors closely and communicates the activities of competitors and maintains an awareness of the economic and political environment to ensure that the business of the company is carried out in a safe and profitable manner.
  9. Sets priorities for new product/services, enhancements to existing software, and development of new software products/features. Is responsible for ensuring software development is completed on time and on budget.
  10. Actively promotes the services and capabilities to customers and monitors the execution of similar activities by subordinates.
  11. Lends personal assistance where new business opportunities are of major strategic importance. Works in close collaboration with the business development personnel to maximize the effectiveness of the team in securing new business.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  1. Requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree or higher in an appropriate technical disciple.  A minimum of 15 years of extensive business, software and senior level management experience is required.
  2. An entrepreneurial mentality that enables the incumbent to recognize and capitalize on new business opportunities

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