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CEO Succession Planning Search

Houston, TX

Background: We are currently running a retained search for a HIGH POTENTIAL VP/SVP Operations Executive in the Oil and Gas Industry with one or more of the following skill sets: Drilling, Completions, Reservoir or Production …..with CEO potential.  This person must have the personality, drive, presence, commitment, and leadership to take on the responsibilities involved in a very dynamic and high growth (publicly traded) company….and potentially be prepared to move into the CEO role within 3+ years. 

Our Client: is aggressively growing Unconventional Exploration in several regions throughout North America.  We want to find the "BEST and Brightest" to join our Executive team as they will interface with our E&P organization, influence acquisitions, operations, drilling methodology, completions, and facilities, in a “high energy” environment, “best culture in the industry” and drive expansion of our US onshore production.  

CANDIDATE PROFILE: Regional Senior/Vice President for CEO Succession Planning 
      1.   Education:  BS Petroleum Engineering, Preferred
      2.   Professional Certifications:  N/A
      3.   Years of Professional Experience:    15-20 years
      4.   Prioritize specific required skills to satisfactorily perform in the job function:  What is this position’s primary 80% focus? 
PRIMARY (Technical)
a. Production, Drilling Operations, Completions, Reservoir and Engineering
b. Management and P&L Experience
c. Talent Acquisition and demonstrate success in building an organization
d. Strong Business Acumen including knowledge of operational and financial models for capital evaluation and operational options
e. Experience working unconventional resource plays
f. Strong grounding in Safety, Environmental, Regulatory and Health workplace environments.
SECONDARY (Interpersonal)
a. Extremely strong organizational skills
b. Mentoring, teaching, sharing technical and Operations methodologies
c. Demonstrated effective leadership
d. Industry Presentations, Speaking Engagements and Public Involvement 
      5.   Describe the Ideal or Perfect Candidate:   Production/Asset Manager/VP with Engineering, Drilling, Operations experience.
      6.   Stretch:   What kind of incentives (non-financial) can we offer to accept our position? Larger responsibility including: acquisitions, operations and Mid-Continent and Permian shale play. Will consider a Manager or Director level of Drilling or Operations or Production for this role.
      7.   What personality or character traits are needed to be highly successful in your culture?   Aggressively Positive and cooperative, team oriented, high energy.
      8.   Are there any Special (or “wish list”) skills that have not been mentioned? Experience in Mid-continent Unconventional Resources or Complex Hydraulic Fracturing or latest Unconventional Completions Technology would be a plus.

Timing: Candidate screening will occur in the next 30 days.

Compensation: Extremely attractive (SEVEN Figure Plus total comp) base salary, signing bonus, annual cash/stock incentive bonus, Annual Long Term Equity Participation. 

Location: Houston, TX

Relocation: Full Executive Relocation

APPLY for this position:  please "click" on the link:   jobs.thesearchfirm.com

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